CDMU Introduction to SWMM - via Mitch Heineman

From Mitch's Dynsystem - Internet resources discussed in the CDMU Introduction to SWMM class are listed here. Contact Mitch Heineman in CDM's Cambridge office for further information.
SWMM SWMM 5      Listserver     SWMM4 help      SWMM 4      SWMM4 manuals
Meteorology NWS rainfall atlases      Basic climate data      Monthly evaporation      WorldClimate      Precip normals      Daily climate data      Wind speed      State climate offices      NWS regional offices      NOAA Climatic Data Center      NCDC viewer      Community Rain Network     KNMI Climate Explorer      Wunderground
Hydrology Soils calculator      Horton parameters      Green-Ampt parameters      NWS river hydrology      USGS WaterWatch      USGS streamflow etc.
Hydraulics Natural channel Manning’s N      Open channel Manning's N      Closed conduit Manning's N      Tide data      FHWA Manual HEC-22 (form loss coefficients etc.)     Normal flow spreadsheet
Guidance EPA CSO Guidance for Monitoring and Modeling      EPA Model Development Guide      WaPUG Code Of Practice      USACE Standard Project Flood      Other USACE manuals      Rural modeling
Vendors Autodesk SSA      Bentley SewerGEMS      CHI PCSWMM      DHI MIKE URBAN      MWH Soft InfoSWMM      MWH Soft InfoWorks      XP Software xpswmm
Freeware NetSTORM      EPA SSOAP      EPA DFLOW      HEC-SSP      NOAA WCT      SWMMInterfacer      USGS NSS      USGS PeakFQ
GIS USGS Seamless Server      US National Atlas      USDA Soils      Old USGS maps      Nautical charts      David Rumsey maps      State GIS sites      More state sites

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