Hussain SHAHZAD replied to Niloofar Jafari's discussion Export time series of all nodes in one text file for SWMM
"Hi Robert , I seem to be following you . 
I have develooed the PEST files for my calibration , they do call Swmm , but when it is done the output.txt file is deleted . I assume swmm fails to create the text file in dos mode ? 
Seconfly how can I…"
May 30
Hussain SHAHZAD replied to MeHa's discussion SWMM calibration using PEST
I am new to this forum and aslo to PEST. I have created the files but when i am running PEST it somehow deleted the outflows.txt file. and becasue SWMM cannot create this in DOS it cannot open the Outflowtext I did remove the SWMM.OUT from mode…"
May 30
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May 30