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ArcGIS data into SWMM

I want to import ArcGIS data into SWMM. How can I do this? If possible I want to include SWMM into ArcGIS as add-in, any help?

New Installl from INPPINS - I downloaded it


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Link to INPPINS site (click on image)

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  • Dr Scott, PCSWMM looks really nice. I watched video tutorial on youtube and it made me impressed. But I've got a question, could I import to PCSWMM any GIS files in *.shp format?

  • For anyone based in Europe, another easy way to integrate ArcGIS data and the SWMM model is to use PCSWMM. It has all the functionality of SWMM and even creates SWMM interface files so you can create .inp files and use them directly. You can load in and manipulate GIS files as PCSWMM has a GIS function built into it, making it very user friendly.

    It's probably available worldwide but there's a grant application procedure open to anyone from a European University to get a trial with the software. It's excellent and very easy to use! It's not an open source piece of software but the grants are quite easy to get a hold of (it's not an arduous application process and is dealt with very quickly).

  • DS Bisht, it's true what said Rui. You should install MW Control ActiveX. Or maybe you've got windows 64bit, so you will have problems still with this.

    • Thanx Michal, 

      Is MW Active X available for 64 bit ?

      • I have it on my computer and it does not seem to have any 64 bit components.  

        It is in the 32 bit section of program files C:\Program Files (x86)\MapWindow

        • Mine is a 64 bit system, and seems I am not getting the right version of MW Control ActiveX to install.

          Could you send me the link of ActiveX control.

  • Once again: inp.PINS is based on MW Control ActiveX, thus you need to install it before using inpPINS.

    Please look at FAQ on inpPINS site.

  • I tried it hard but it doesn't work, each time it shows an error, I would appreciate someone upload a short video of functioning of inpPINS.

  • Thanks Bob!

    I take this opportunity to clarify:

    inpPINS installation files:

    inpPINS help webpage:

    Jus a note: The refereed location to download inpPINS installation files may change according to MW website administrators - look "Other (Utilities,etc.)" section in MW download webpage.

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