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Accuracy of EPA SWMM to model pressure flow?

I would like to model a distribution network of drinking water with EPA SWMM. Therefore, the flows will be pressurized. Is it valid to theoretically model such flows EPASWMM instead of using EPANET?

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  • Dear All,

     In the step of Model calibration in SWMM, I have get stuck with this step please detail me " How to calibrate SWMM?"..

    Notice: I am using SWMM5.1


    • Hello Yim,

      Are you mainly stuck at the calibration of Runoff or other portions of SWMM  5.1?  You can  calibration the volume of runoff using the depression storage, the directly connected impervious area and the infiltration parameters.  You can calibrate the shape of the runoff by adjusting the Width Parameter.

      • Hi Robert,

        Yes, I am stuck with calibration model with depth of node NOT Runoff. If so what should I do?
        Thank advance.
        • Yes, I am trying to calibration depth of node from model and actual
          • My comments still apply, the node depth is a function of the surrounding link properties and the inflow to the node.  If the link shape, lengths and diameter are correct then you calibrate to the node depth by calibrating the upstream flow to the node. 

            • Ok..Thank

              other  question, Do you know InfoSWMM? How to get it?

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