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rainfall file

Hi users!

Could you tell me what is the problem of this rainfall file?

When I try to run, the report shows me ERROR 318.

Below, there is an example of a rainfll file:

1     2004  01    01    00    00    0.000

1     2004  01    01    00    15    0.000


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1 Reply · Reply by Menna Yassin May 22, 2014

Pollutant Load

Hi! I got the hourly runoff results from model and the unit is CMS. Now I want to calculate the pollutant load in the runoff. Normally the unit of the load is kg/ha/yr, but I only have hourly runoff data and unit is cubic meters per second. I don't k

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Hi! I used statistics tool in SWMM5 and got the results as following, but I'm not clear what "exceedance frequency" means here? In addition, why is start data not in order? I mean 211, 2012 and 2013. It appears randomly.3284346222?profile=original

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1 Reply · Reply by Robert Dickinson Aug 20, 2013


Hi! I have a question about runoff. Since this model can't model pollutant reduction benefits from LID, I want to calculate it using EMC by myself. I'll use equation L=EMC*Q, where EMC is mg/m3, Q is m3/day. But the runoff modeled from SWMM is m3/s a

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4 Replies · Reply by Sunny Aug 18, 2013
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