I am trying to call some results of SWMM through another program.
(Example; I wanna call the orifice flows from the attached problem to another program which is in C++)

If anyone knows; the coding to do this please let me know.


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  • Upaka, are you trying to substitute your orifice flow equation for the orifice flow equation in SWMM5? If you are then it would be easier to modify the SWMM 5 code in the file link.c to change the orifice equation.
    • Thanks for the reply.
      I am trying to do an optimisation of overflows. To do that I am going to use another program called "NSGA II" which is written in C++.
      However I have to call the "Orifice flows" to NSGA II from the "SWMM rpt" file.

      It seems to be "SWMM_Nlink" function is for "conduits, pumps, orifices, weirs and outlets".

      To me, I wanna call just only the flow of the orifices.
      • Okay, so you just want a time series of the orifice flows in the rpt file? You can do that now if you use the DOS version of SWMM 5 and use the REPORT function.
        • I think I didn't explain it well. Sorry for that.

          when we run the SWMM example (which is attached), we can have the Orifice flows with the time.

          I wanted to link these values with another C++ program (NSGA II).

          Hope I mentioned it to clear.

          My question is, what are the possible C++ coding to link these Orifice flows to another C++ program.

          Thanks alot
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