• Hello everybody!, I have encountered the same issue in the last year, and because of this I have developed an open source solution to replicate the SWMM algorithm in Matlab, Python, and LabVIEW easily. I have called it MatSWMM an it is available at:

       < MATSWMM - Open source toolbox>

    MatSWMM can be useful to model Real-time control for urban drainage systems, extract simulation results and edit systematically a system that has been created with the SWMM platform. I hope this can be useful to fullfil the requirements of the unpleasant batch simulation problems.

    Please check it out, and feel free to contact me (<>) if any doubt or suggestion appears.

  • Hi Haile,


    We had a past discussion on this topic here

    yes, it is possible and you need to use the DOS version of SWMM 5 to read and write the input data and output files respectively.

    • Thanx robert!...I am trying to find my way using the info u provided
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