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Compile SWMM5

Hi every one,

Can any one help me with compiling SWMM5 code?

I tried to compile different versions of the code  in Visual C++ express and I am not sure which version I should compile. For example when I build " swmm51010"  or some lower versions I get this error:

.\..\source5_1_010\stats.c(28): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'omp.h': No such file or directory


It seems that, one header file :  omp.h is missing .

I can build and compile swmm51013 but when I run the code with some examples .inp files , I get error in the report file , that some key words are not valid,  for example:

     ERROR 205: invalid keyword MIN_SLOPE at line 31 of [OPTION] section:   MIN_SLOPE


Had any one have this problem for compilation?

I appreciate any help.

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