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I saw somewhere that you could indeed use multiple inflow files. I can not seem to get this to work correctly however.

I am able to run each inflow file by itself just fine and I'm sure that everything is working correctly. But when I enable two inflow files, only one of them works. I believe that the one that is most recently read by SWMM is the one that is used. Is this not possible? If not, is there a good way to join multiple inflow files?

Thanks for any input!

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  • Hi Ross,

    It has the same format as the SWMM 5 inflows or outflows file, you should be able to use the SWMM 5 interface file combine to combeine two of the files.  It is a text file so you can also do it in a text editor or excel (with transpose or a macro)

    • Unfortunately, SWMM5 doesn't seem to be able to handle the files either. It just hangs without producing the combined file.  One of the inflow files is over 600MB. There are too many lines for excel to handle as well, which is why I think I will write a Python script to parse them together.

  • No, it looks like you can only use one inflows file but you can use the Combine Routing Files tool to make a combined output file

    SWMM5 Interface File

    10 - reporting time step in sec
    1 - number of constituents as listed below:
    2 - number of nodes as listed below:
    Node Year Mon Day Hr Min Sec FLOW
    N 2013 02 18 00 00 00 0.000000
    C 2013 02 18 00 00 00 0.000000
    N 2013 02 18 00 00 10 76.997646
    C 2013 02 18 00 00 10 76.997646
    N 2013 02 18 00 00 20 200.126255
    C 2013 02 18 00 00 20 200.126255
    N 2013 02 18 00 00 30 323.481451
    C 2013 02 18 00 00 30 323.481451

    • Yes, I saw that tool just before your reply. I had two problems with it. For some reason it was skipping the first lines, so I made sure to include the header:

      "Node Year Mon Day Hr Min Sec FLOW"

      That seemed to fix the skipping lines problem.

      My other problem is that one of my inflow files is quite large and it appears that this tool holds the files in memory and crashes. I guess I will have to write some code to combine these inflow files. Thanks for the information though!

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