Issues viewing results in SWMM GUI

I used MATLAB to run my SWMM files: (using batch and python files)disp ('Event 1: Present Scenario')disp('processing Python')cd ('C:\Program Files\HEC\HEC-DSSVue')% Changed the inp file and run name for each scenariosystem('G:\EPA_SWMM5\Update_SWMM_Inflows_Thesis_Event_1 G:\EPA_SWMM5 G:\EPA_SWMM5\WestCampusSWMM_OnlyD_RP_Event_1_Present.inp Event_1_Present');disp('computing SWMM')cd ('C:\Program Files\EPA SWMM 5.0')% change the inp file and corresponding rpt and out file namessystem('swmm5 G:\EPA_SWMM5\WestCampusSWMM_OnlyD_RP_Event_1_Present.inp G:\EPA_SWMM5\WestCampusSWMM_OnlyD_RP_Event_1_Present.rpt G:\EPA_SWMM5\WestCampusSWMM_OnlyD_RP_Event_1_Present.out');BUT, now that I did not use the SWMM GUI, I am unable to view the results in SWMM. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or another program that will allow me to view the hydrographs of my results.(This is modeling a storm sewer network to show the differences in peak flow/runoff volume when different Low Impact Development techniques are implemented. The hydrological data came from the results of Hec-HMS.)

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  • Hi Katie

    Thank you so much for your interesting post. I have recently downloaded the power point of your term project which you link swmm and matlab. I have recently involved in a project the same as you. I want to link SWMM5 and MATLAB for optimization.  Can you tell me more about what you did?

    How did you use python and swmm?

    Thanks in advance.


  • You should still be able to load the .out file in the SWMM 5 GUI to see the output graphs.
    • When I load the .out file in SWMM, nothing shows up. I am able to see the results in the .rpt file and also import the data into another program to further manipulate it. Therefore, I know that SWMM worked, I just cannot look at the data in the .out file.

      Here is one of my simulations.
      • Hi, One problem is that your output file is v13 and you will need version 13 to read this file


        is it possible for you to update your SWMM 5 GUI to the latest version or v21?
        • Hi,
          Thanks for all your help. I updated my SWMM to v21 but it still does not work. I have approximately 550 simulations and unfortunately due to time constraints I cannot rerun all my files through the new version.
          Unless you have another suggestion on how to open the files in the SWMM GUI, maybe you know of another program that I might be able to use to look at the results?

          Just to confirm, to open the .out file in the GUI, I would just File > Open > navigate to and select the .out file. Is there another way to import the results?
          • I found a way to see the results in SWMM 5.0.013. You need an ini file with the results flag turned on. The ini file can be very small - just three lines but once you have Saved=1 on then when you open the GUI the graphs and output file icons will be turned on.


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