• I saw this link on LinkedIn for connecting EPANET to MATLAB, there may be some swmm5 tips you can glean from this experience

    the LinkedIn discussion was 

    How can I linked MATLAB to EPANET?

  • SWMM 5 makes a binary and text output file using either a standalone DOS program (SWMM5.EXE) or a GUI and DLL composite program (EPASWMM5.EXE and SWMM5.DLL).  You should use Matlab with the DOS EXE and extra the output using the DOS functions.
    • Hello there, please can i get a detailed interface guidance to how can i run SWMM through MATLAB. May be a link where this is explained??? 

      Thank you for your previous reply it was helpful.

      • Hello Gouri,

        This is a common question and I wish I had MATLAB to make better how to's about how to use SWMM 5 and MATLAB but the best I can offer you is this Forum which is the history of various students around the world using MATLAB and SWMM 5 for the last few years - all of their tips are important.  I also have a few DOS Console examples in that Forum.  I hope it helps.

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