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The request for model AND all the details is indeed concerning. I would be very reluctant to release this without accompaning report to cover; assumptions, stages, reliability etc.



This is what I do -- there may be some ideas here which will help.


I try to document, as a Technical Report,  everything in a structured WORD file live, at the same time as I model. The WORD file sits open on one screen & the model on another but the WORD file is my main item -- not the model.  I cut and paste each way (eg1 some key data (eg pump curves) are documented in the WORD file and copied to the tables in SWMM,   eg2 key result graphs (eg longsections, Depth v Time) are captured by grabbing part of the model screen as soon as the run is done).


This aids peer review & checking and also helps me remember what I actually did & why <grin>.   It is always headed "DRAFT subject to checking and review."  If I need to pass the model to anyone I also pass this report.


At the most detailed level; I essentially LOG ALL runs under the following sub headings:


  • Objective
  • Data  (especially: modifications from prev run,  assumptions, hypothesis,  and the name and version of the saved electronic file and and scenario subset used.)
  • Results
  • Observations
  • Conclusions
  • Next (ie things to do next)


Also at the start of the report I list the Data and Assumptions, terminology, codes etc.


In a set of appendices I keep copies of data details (eg actual pump curves from the manufacturers or links to same)

If I need to do side calcs - I do so in XLS and often imbed small ones inside the WORD doc.


At the top of the document I have a section called TECHNICAL SUMMARY where I summarize(especially the conclusion) from each modelling Section.

Sometimes it is just a linked paste to Conclusion Subsections sometimes it is new words which reference the detail section.


An example is shown below;

Fig 1, Top 2 levels of Headings for WasteWater Modelling Report.

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