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Pressurized nodes in EPA SWMM

Hello everybody!

I'll like to know if is it possible to prevent flooding in nodes (no storage nodes). The problem happens when I close R-1 and R-2 completely, because C-11 reaches its maximum capacity and then N-1 begins to flood. I would like that the model were more realistic and C-5 started to reach its maximum capacity as well as SILENCIO tank fills faster.

It is a distribution model thus the flow is presurized. 

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  • Hello Andres,

    Sorry I did not see this question earlier but you model pressure nodes using the surcharge node depth

    The HGL or flooding options in InfoSWMM or SWMM 5 are basically the following:

    1. No Surface Ponding or Surcharge Depth, the excess water is lost from the top of the manhole
    2. Surface Ponding, the excess of flooded water is stored at the top of the manhole
    3. A non zero surcharge depth, the HGL rises in the manhole and the manhole is considered locked, sealed or water tight

    I hope this helps.

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