Is there a way to reorder nodes and links  for  the status report. 

I have added nodes to my model and the lists do not follow the model routing order.

Also is there an explanation of the Status report - what some of the tables mean?



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  • The Froude number listed in that table is the average Froude number for the link over the whole simulation.  So depending on how long your low flow or no flow lasts in a link it could be very different from the graphical Froude number which is calculated every report time step, which or course is this 

    // --- compute hydraulic depth
    y = xsect_getAofY(xsect, y) / xsect_getWofY(xsect, y);
    // --- compute Froude No.
    return fabs(v) / sqrt(GRAVITY * y);

  • Robert Thanks - that is very helpful - The arrows will do it.

    Is there any explanation of the tables in the status report anywhere?

    In particular the Flow Classification Summary - The Froude Numbers  dont seem to jive with what I see.



  • The order SWMM 5 makes tables is based on the order in the Data Browser - you can easily sort by Alphabet but other sorting is time consuming using the arrows


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