SWMM 5 Precipitation Options

Subject:  SWMM 5 Precipitation Options

You can have design storms, monitored storms of any length of the time from minutes to centuries, use intensity, volume or cumulative precipitation, use both rainfall and snowfall in the same rain gage depending on temperature, use both time series or external files for the rain gage and have unlimited rain gages with the limitation of one rain gage per subcatchment . 

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  • Hi Bob,

    Is there a software or technique available to separate rainfall events that meet certain criteria? For example: I have a precipitation time series from which I would like to extract the events that fall within a certain range of a 30-min duration/50 year recurrence storm. I know I can use design my own synthetic rainfall and run it in SWMM but I'm looking to calibrate and validate my model with real observations. I'm also avoiding manual work but would definitely try to code something for this if you could refer me to a technique that people have used in the past.

    Thank your for your help!


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