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How the inflow boundary conditions in SWMM model should be set-up for runoff modeling (I am not asking about runoff quality).

What I do is to run the model with input parameters and rainfall value, what else needed to be done. 

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  • Inflow would be:

    1.  Inflow Time Series at a Node

    2.  Subcatchment  Runoff   which needs  Infiltration, the physical characteristics of the Subcatchment, the  Rainfall

    3.  The links and nodes of your  drainage system

    If you look at the  example  SWMM 5 files called  example1,  example2 etc it  may  be clearer than my explanation

    • Thankyou Robert for your explanations.

  • You need to define  the  subcatchment data  and water quality build up and  washoff data.  You no not need any boundary conditions but you can have initial  pollutant  loads on the surface.

    • I am not concerened about pollutant load, I am not into water quality modeling. I am designing a drainage system to handle the 10 year return period storm. 

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