thanks bob for your reply, can you tell me another issues like total precipitation in status report how it is calculated? i am using time series rainfall for 10 minute interval as intensity. total precipitation value and depth in status are not clear to me.

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  • thanks again for helps. actually, i am new user of SWMM model. thats why it is difficult to undestand output . here, simulation length is 12h and rainfall series is 2h . thanks again.

  • The total precipitation in the status report is the sum of all your rainfall over the course of the simulation.  If you use 10 minute rainfall then you should use an hydrology time step less than 10 minutes.  

    Confusion that may arise is due to the following:

    1. The rainfall reported is the subcatchment area weighted rainfall

    2. If your rainfall time series is longer than the simulation length the rainfall reported will be less than then rainfall time series.

    Does this help?

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