I am working on a SWMM 5 continuous model.  I have a sanitary DWF that varies every three days due to an industrial discharge, so none of the pre-set flow variation patterns (hourly, daily, monthly)  will vary the flow appropriately.  Is there a method where I can enter a the dwf in an external file and have the node look to the file for the inflow? 

Thanks - Erin

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  • So I was!  Thanks so much Robert.

  • 04/10/14 0:00 56.00
    04/10/14 4:00 58.00

    You are modeling the year AD 14 - you need to change the time series date to 2014 or change your Date options in SWMM5.

  • Thanks - Unfortunately, the discharge is every three days,  so within the three month simulation is does not happen on consistent days of the week. 

    My rain gauge data file starts on April 10, although currently I am only looking at 4/29 - 6/1 (analysis dates).  The time series I created for the node in question also starts on 4/10.  It opens in the time series dialog and graphs fine, but the simulation output has no error but also does not shows any inflow to the node.  The file I created is attached.  Average flow is about 60 gpm.



  • You can also have a pattern for the days of the week in which the values are either 0 or 1 - this way you could have only flow on certain days of the week. The DWF patterns are multiplicative in SWMM5.

  • Sometimes,  you need to write the question out before the answer becomes apparent.  The time series input dialog is next to the baseline pattern entry in the external inflow dialog box. 

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