H. Moser & Cie. Watch Replica Review

H. Moser & Cie. Watch the latest series of new color when watch - green universe.Prominent "blue lightning" dial has become a brand logo, brand reputation is also an important factor.The new watch unconventional green, I can not help but think of the northern lights Lai gorgeous jewel-like color, to pass down the essence of the dial "blue lightning."The use of risk-takers this unique color design small seconds XL Purity (Venturer Small Seconds XL Purity) watch extraordinary elegance, its maximum diameter of 43 mm dial is so far launched when watch.This watch distinctive, unique features, advocacy back to nature, dial no brand identity, only four major time scales, this interpretation of "less is more" minimalist philosophy.Once again proved that when watch: Keep Authenticity can be presented Zhen Han hard to find the strength and vitality.

When watch adventurers small seconds XL Purity Replica Panerai Luminor Watches draws Concept series and other series of the essence of the brand in the design, respectively mark set in 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock positions.Still no brand identity, to show the strong appeal of iconic products: the erecting discernible fumé smoked dial, under one, you can recognize the elegant yet sexy watch time watch.Against the background of arcuate Lan Baoshi crystal lens, elegant bezel and 43 mm diameter, smoked fumé dial to make light blossoms, beautiful.But the movement side with a company logo and crest - this is a practice in the field of "Haute Horlogerie" since 1828 when they followed the traditional date is watch - - clever beckons its long heritage.

The mutual integration of various design elements, thus showing unexpected stunning effect - this fun time watch.For adventurers and small seconds XL Purity Luxury Panerai Luminor classical style in contrast to the choice of brand greater kudu leather as the strap material, watch that bring a little bit rough breath.This ingenious selection is watch to keep up with the times, independent, pursuing unique and exciting to build modern classical watch senior watch.

Adventurers watch small seconds XL Purity core equipped with self-HMC 327 manual winding movement, using 1960 classic arc shape, and with great historical significance Henry Mushi Huai watch design inspiration.Through Lan Baoshi back cover views of the movement, which includes a power storage for at least 3 days - to watch the indicator on the back of the power storage status indication.

Adventurers small seconds XL Purity universe green wrist watch limited edition 50.


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