Importing Time Patterns into SWMM5 from InfoSwmm

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with SWMM5/InfoSwmm compatibility. I have had someone export several input files from InfoSwmm for use in SWMM5. Generally everything works quite well. However time pattern information (for example for dry weather flows) consistently never makes it over. I will have the names of the time patterns applicable to each node but never any actual data describing the time pattern itself. Is there an easy way to get at it other then asking the provider to copy and paste all the data into an excel file? 

I do not have access to InfoSwmm so I can not even check to see if the network files it uses are text or binary.

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  • Hello Adam,

    Are you sure you are talking about export from InfoSWMM?  InfoSWMM does export all of the SWMM 5 information including all pattern information - I use this feature almost on a daily basis so I have a lot of experience over many years doing this export.   

    InfoWorks CS on the other hand has its DWF Patterns in a Separate CSV file, using Populations and Per Capita Flows to calculate the  mean flow into a node from a Subcatchment.  It does not export the pattern but the population and the DWF Pattern from its database.  Does this make sense?

    I hope this helps.

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