Long term simulations in SWMM

Dear all,

I have just started working with SWMM and wonder how to efficiently perform long term simulations respective do the extreme value statistics. What I need is a table comprising extreme values in terms of water levels above ground level of flood volume for all manholes affected by flooding during the simulation period. In the GUI of SWMM it is only possible to calculate the statistics for a single manhole by using the Statistics function. Maybe it is possible to run this function automatically from the command line providing the desired statistics for all manholes in text format. Otherwise, I need to derive the statistics from the time series of manhole water levels.

Does anyone have any recommendations for what is the best I can do in this case?

Thanks a lot. Christoph

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  • The code for computing the Statistics is in the Delphi Code of the SWMM 5 GUI and as you state you can only do one Node or Link at a Time.  We do have the Output Statistics Manager in InfoSWMM which allows you up to do up to 500 locations.

    I just checked the DOS version of SWMM 5 and all I can suggest is that you run the DOS version, save the node information to the text file and then process the text output in Excel, using Python or Matlab.

    • Thank you Robert for your reply. As you did not mention it I assume that it is not possible to purchase the Output Statistics Manager as stand alone. Is that right? Otherwise, what would it cost for use in research?

      Best regards. Christoph

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