Rain gauge Time-Series

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I am using daily rainfall data to model my catchment. For the time series, does rainfall have to be 7 digits. for instance, 0mm of rain inserted as 0000000 and 2,2mm as 000002,2. my supervisor has told me to use this way of inserting data. will it make any difference if i do not use this way of inserting my rainfall data. 

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  • Hello, The rainfall is either in inchces/hour or millimeters per hour in SWMM5.   2.2 mm is entered as 2.2 in a rainfall time series.  


    Rain Format

    Format in which the rain data are supplied:

    INTENSITY: each rainfall value is an average rate in inches/hour (or mm/hour) over the recording interval.

    VOLUME: each rainfall value is the volume of rain that fell in the recording interval (in inches or millimeters).

    CUMULATIVE: each rainfall value represents the cumulative rainfall that has occurred since the start of the last series of non-zero values (in inches or millimeters).

    Rain Interval

    Recording time interval between gage readings in decimal hours or hours:minutes format.

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