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Dear all,

In the GUI of SWMM, it is possible to select specific objects for which detailed reporting is done by SWMM. It is possible to select individual elements by hand. However, I have a whole list of nodes for which I need detailed reporting. Does anyone now how I can easily specify a multitude of elements for which reporting is desired?

Thank you. Christoph

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  • Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your rapid reply. I have overseen the Report section in the inp file while searching after "Reporting". Actually I have just another question. Is it possible that SWMM only saves time series of the wet period to reduce file sizes. Otherwise I get still quite big file sizes (>1 GB) when computing 1 year of rain series and saving time series at 300 nodes.

    Best regards. Christoph

    • Hi  Christoph,

      That is a good idea but unfortunately, SWMM5 would save all 300 nodes at the report time step even if the nodes are dry.  I have used output files up to 70 GB so there is not problem reading these files, BTW.

  • You can add this to the REPORT Section of the SWMM 5 Input File,  The GUI only allows you to make one selection at a time but if you can make a text list then you can edit the INP file and add them to the NODE, LINK or SUBCATCHMENTS 

    NODES 80408a 10309 15009a
    LINKS 8040a 1630


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