• Sorry, i do not have a lot  of experience with Pest.  

  • Hi, 

    I am new to this forum and aslo to PEST. I have created the files but when i am running PEST it somehow deleted the outflows.txt file. and becasue SWMM cannot create this in DOS it cannot open the Outflowtext I did remove the SWMM.OUT from model comamnd line but results are essentially the same any solutions ? 

  • Hello,

    I am try to use PEST to calibrate SWMM model, but I can find the attached files mentioned by this post, can anyone help me?

    I want to learn a example of PEST  calibration SWMM.

    Thank you very much.

  • This is what i have in my pst file

    * model command line
    swmm5.exe Accotink_UpstreamUSGS.inp Accotink_UpstreamUSGS.rpt
    * model input/output
    Accotink_UpstreamUSGS.tpl Accotink_UpstreamUSGS.inp
    Accotink.ins Accotink_UpstreamUSGS.rpt
    * prior information

    make sure you have the files in your active directory

    • I don't quite get it. I couldn't retrieve the files. Could you attach the files or send me an example model set that illustrates working with PEST in SWMM?

    • Hi, Sergio,

      I read  your post, it is great help to me, can you send me a example to learn how to prepare the files for PEST  to calibrate the SWMM?

      Thanks a lot.

  • Thank you for your response Iftekhar. I must be doing something else wrong. I'll review the PEST material in more detail to find the solution. I was looking on Youtube and found this webinar on using PEST to calibrate groundwater models in MODFLOW. I'll add it here in case it is of interest to anyone else passing by. 


  • Hi Sergio,

    I think you have to add the path when you command for PEST control file --> pest pest_control_file.pst

    Also, add the path to the pest control file of other files i.e. instruction, template, input file. Remember you have to add always directory path to run the model. Otherwise it will show an designated error. 

    Sorry, there's no specific training material for SWMM5. It's completely a customize work. However, there are several documents available for PEST user. Hopefully it will help you. 

  • Also - I tried running PEST with your configurations but the parameters are exceeding its bounds so the calibrations are not great. Have you been able to figure out what the right configurations are? As of now, I'm working with percent routed, width, and hydcon.


    • In my case, it works very good. Parameter upper-lower bound is depend on your model and the parameter. Normally, bounds are not exceeding. However, if its problem for you can check the pest manual . All the parameter ranges of PEST are described in detail 

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