SWMM Times-series input options

Very glad that i join the group.
am new to SWMM5.1.12 Version.currently am doing modeling the stormwater for a small urban catchment.no difficulties while studying and applying the model but i only have daily recorded rainfall data-set which am confused either SWMM accepts only timeseries values at interval of 5,15,hourly?or is it recommended to use daily intervals for simulation? and what possible uncertainities could happen if its ok to use? please,appreciate any one helping me.tnx

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  • It should be part of SWMM5 but is not - here is a good discussion about methods.  The simplest would be a balanced storm 


    How can I convert daily rainfall data to hourly?
    Can anyone tell me how to convert daily rainfall data to hourly rainfall data? - Jan 6th 2016
    • thank you.will do review on it!

  • Hello Daily rainfall intervals are not normally used as the rainfall intensity will be very small over the day.  It is better to use some daily rainfall distribution based on the rainfall total so that you have a better estimate of the rainfall peak. 

    • wow..thank u sir for your immidate help.and i would like to know if there is any method to convert it to hourly or 3 hours range?

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