• Hello Angela,

    Do you want to change the washoff equations?  It would not be that difficult but you will have to change the code in landuse.c to have new equations.


    Robert Dickinson

    • Hello Robert,

      do you mean that from "Function" I can choose one of these formula (Exp, RC or EMC)? Because I would like to introduce a new formulation for wash-off process that is not included to those 3 equations. Is that possible? 

      Thank you and best regards,



      • Yes, you can but you will have to modify the code.

        • Yes perfect, how can I do it?

          • Can you tell me the form of the equation so I have a better idea of what you want -- is there more parameters than the current version.

            • It's a linear function like this:

              Mw/Ma= cP+d

              where c=c' e^(-kt)

              in which: d and c' are empirical parameters

              • And is SWMM5 written in C++?

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