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Negative flows



Any guess why I am getting negative flow rates for the Link R14 at 00:15:00 minutes?

Find attached the input file.


I can't recognize what is the exact reason to get negative flows, where the minimum should be 0 m3/s,  even without a flap gate.



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3 Replies · Reply by Upaka Jan 25, 2011

SWMM 5.0 CN Values

I am trying to determine if I am using the proper CN Values for input parameters in SWMM 5.0.  I've used the NRCS runoff curve numbers in the input for each subbasin determined from weighted CN based on landcover.  Should the impervious be removed fr

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1 Reply · Reply by Robert Dickinson Sep 26, 2010

diameter of manhole


I Want to model flow in Manhole. This is an Urban Drainage  System with  1.2 m pipe connencting 2m manhole. I want to know how I can model the flow profie in manhole using SWMM? How can I determine the diameter of Manhole?



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3 Replies · Reply by Matti Heikkinen Feb 26, 2011