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Compile SWMM5

Hi every one,

Can any one help me with compiling SWMM5 code?

I tried to compile different versions of the code  in Visual C++ express and I am not sure which version I should compile. For example when I build " swmm51010"  or some lower versions I get

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How to develop a unit area hydrographs(surface water only) and pollutographs in SWMM5 for use in SUSTAINs(System for Urban Stormwater Treatment Analysis and INtegration) land module.

Hello sir,

seasons greeting.

 I am very new to the SWMM5 and working on a project in which i have to develop unit hydrograph and pollutograph in SWMM. please help me out.explain me a detailed procedure to develop hydrograph and pollutograph. Actually I

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2 Replies · Reply by Gowthami Devana Apr 20, 2015

Lumped catchment reacts too fast

I lumped my catchment - disregarding the details of the sewer nework and repalacing it with an equivalent subcatchment -  but it offten reacts faster than the detailed sewer network model. Any research or idea on this? I tried to include a  link down

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Combine two SWMM projects

Hi, I have a SWMM project representing one catchment, I want to add another SWMM project (of another nearby catchment produced separately) inorder to have a combined project representing both catchments.

What is the best way to do this? Do I have to e

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2 Replies · Reply by MeHa Mar 26, 2015
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