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Shape Curve Viewer

Hello everyone,

I'm modeling a a simple sewer system. For that I need to define the specific geometry for each sewer of the system. However, when I introduce it, the shape curve viewer only show me the bottom half of my sewer.

Is it simply a problem wi

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1 Reply · Reply by deville May 9, 2014

Pond design in SWMM

Dear Bob

I am trying to design a pond in SWMM where I want to maintain atleast 1m depth of water before allowing the discharge from the pond. For this I have given 1m initial depth of water in the pond and kept its height as 2.5 m, but while simulatin

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1 Reply · Reply by Robert Dickinson Jun 8, 2014


Hello everyone,

I just started working with swwm 5.1 and I'l already stuck... I try a very simple model to understand how the software works and I can't run anything at all.

Here is the example I'm working on (in fact it's simply the tutorial proposed

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13 Replies · Reply by Robert Dickinson Jul 12, 2016
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